Satisfying desire and reflecting trends

I haven't laughed at Korean movies in recent years. This is because the so-called Korean comedy film has disappeared from the theater district. However, in November last year, the perfect person, who opened after breaking through the weakness of'off-season', exceeded 5 million viewers, and the extreme job that was released while watching the Lunar New Year holiday in January became the first 10 million film this year. Ten million comedy films came out six years after the gift of Room 7 (2013), but, unfortunately, both films were released on January 23 by Ryu Seung-ryong as the main character. It is surprising when compared to last year, Korean movies, which cost more than 10 billion won, from the Chuseok holidays to the theater district at the end of the year, did not produce satisfactory results.

The best peak of Korean comedy films since the 2000s was in 2001, when Kim Sang-jin's Silla Moon and Kwak Jae-yong's bizarre released in the month of the summer, and Cho Jin-gyu's gangster wife soon swept through Chuseok. . Since then, the'Youth Comedy' and'The Gangster Comedy' films dominated Chungmuro ​​for a while. She has spread to her bizarre personalities, such as 토렌트, Kwon Sang-woo's younger brother (2003), who shares the origins of her PC communication novel, Moon Geun-young's young bride (2004), and Kim Jae-won's My Love Saga (2004). Let's play with the glory of Dharma and led to the series of Dusabi.

After all, what is important is the reflection of the trend that draws the sympathy of the audience and fulfillment of desire. If she was a bizarre PC communication novel that was popular at the time, like a lot of webtoon works being filmed, the gangster comedy also gave a sense of punishment to the upper group through gangsters. Although not a comedy film, the gangster of the insiders (2015) Ahn Sang-gu (Lee Byung-hun) was our agent who punished politicians (Lee management) and journalists (Bae Yoon-sik). The laughter doubles when Go-Ban (Ryu Seung-ryong), who became the president of the jackpot chicken restaurant unexpectedly even in extreme jobs, talks about “the small business's grievance.” Along with the gods who could actually classify them as comedy movies during last year's release, Seong Joo-shin (Ma Dong-suk) said, “I would rather have bought bitcoin,” in citation and poetry, commenting on cryptocurrency, funds, stocks, etc. The laughter in the theater was the greatest.

If such a specific genre shows success and decline at regular intervals, the Korean film now reveals the will to breathe actively with the public apart from the discussion on the work. It may not be possible to call it “the trend” with some success, but the important thing is that Ryu Seung-ryong recovered from the terrible failure of the telekinesis (2018) while Ma-Seok Ma-seok of “Mayomi” faltered. The fact that Park Jung-hoon, Song Kang-ho, Cha Seung-won, Yoo Hae-jin, and Ma Dong-suk added one more actor to believe and see about laughter is worth watching carefully for the revival of the Korean comedy film. Compared to other genres, comedy is a film that relies entirely on actors. I really need an actor who is “funny at the face”. So Korean audiences will find laughter for a while in the theater.